Male beagle puppies for sale

Blend of Cuteness and Intelligence

Beagle is the sixth most popular dog breed in the United States, this is because they have an easy-going personality, sweet demeanor, and cuddly nature. The male Beagle puppies for sale at Adorable Beagles are friendly, playful, and loving, thus making them great companions. Beagles are a perfect blend of cuteness, intelligence, and activeness and make excellent pets both indoors and outdoors. Beagles are great with children and have a tolerant nature. In most dog breeds, males love to play around and enjoy, but it is the opposite in Beagle. Male Beagle puppies are laid back, while female loves to run around. Well, one cannot tell the difference when the Beagle when it is small as their personality has not yet developed. The only thing one can notice is the difference in size. Male Beagle puppies tend to have more height and weight than females.
When the Beagle is an adult dog, then you can tell the difference between male and female. Male Beagles weight around 26 pounds. Male Beagle puppies for sale are fond of attention, but not much, they are quite happy to spend time on their own and can entertain themselves easily. So, you can see, they do not require much attention. If you are looking for male Beagle puppies for sale, then contact us now.

Care for Male Beagle Puppies

The male Beagle puppies we sell are bred as per the industry’s highest standards in our breeding facility. You should bring home a Beagle that is more than eight weeks old, but before that bring all the accessories such as a water and food bowl, dog bed, grooming accessories, toys, puppy food, etc. Beagles love food, so you need to feed them appropriately and at least three times a day. We do train the male Beagles to socialize and potty train them, but when you take your male puppy home, ensure to expose them to new people and experiences as well as potty train. We provide puppy training, DVD courses, online courses, and over the phone support with live trainers to help you train your male Beagle puppy.
Grooming your male puppy is essential as it not only makes it look cute but also maintains the physical health. Brush the coat, brush teeth, clean the inside of ears, trim nails, paw care, and nose care. We provide grooming sessions and a Starter Kit which includes food, vitamins, and probiotics to help you take care of your little furry companion.